Board of Directors

  Mr. Anand Sen
Promoter, Non-Independent, Non Executive Chairman
  Mr. Dipak K Banerjee
Independent, Non Executive
  Prof. Ranjan Das
Independent, Non Executive
  Mr. Yoshikazu Miyasaka
Promoter, Non Independent, Non Executive
  Mr. Sudev Chandra Das
Independent, Non- Executive Director
  Mr. V S N Murty
Promoter, Non- independent, Non-Executive Director
  Mrs. Ramya Hariharan
Independent, Non- Executive Director
  Mr. K. Shankar Marar
Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director

Management Team

  Mr. Purushottam Das Mundhra
Chief Operating Officer
Suresh Padmanabhan
Dy Chief Financial Officer
  Mr. Prashant Kumar
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer